Chicago - City of Broad Shoulders

This course is about Chicago, We will cover the history of the city and region, the politics, corruption, arts, plans, neighborhoods, humor, achievements and the future of the City.


Most large cities have surburbs. Chicago's suburbs are extensive - the City has a
population of just over 2.7 million people. The metro area has about 10 million people, so the suburbs have about 7.3 million people.

Suburbs include new bedroom communities. They also include older cities engulfed by the expansion of the metropolitan area. These cities include Joliet, Aurora, Elgin, and Waukegan.

Suburbs defined in Wikapedia

suburb is a residential area or a mixed use area, either existing as part of a city outside of the urban core or as a politically separate residential community within commuting distance of a city. Some suburbs have a degree of administrative autonomy, and most have lower population densities than inner city neighborhoods. Suburbs first emerged on a large scale in the 19th and 20th centuries as a result of improved rail and road transport, which led to an increase in commuting.[1] Suburbs tend to proliferate around cities that have an abundance of adjacent flat land.[2] Any particular suburban area is referred to as a suburb, while suburban areas on the whole are referred to as the suburbs or suburbia, with the demonym for a suburb-dweller being suburbanite. Colloquial usage sometimes shortens the term to burb.

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