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This course is about Chicago, We will cover the history of the city and region, the politics, corruption, arts, plans, neighborhoods, humor, achievements and the future of the City.

Chicago Fire - South Side

Amazing photographs of a major fire on Chicago's south side:

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Hey, you guys in the Midwest -- how cold IS it?

Taffy Cannon, June '66

Carlsbad, California

Firefighters remained on the scene of a warehouse fire on Chicago’s South Side Wednesday morning.
The fire was mostly out, but crews were searching for hot spots.
At its peak, 170 firefighters were needed to get the flames under control.  That was one-third of the Chicago Fire Department’s on-duty personnel, making it the department’s biggest response in 7 years.
The fire broke out in a vacant building at 3757 S. Ashland Ave. in Bridgeport, just after 9 p.m. Tuesday night.
It was called in by a Fire Department Chief who happened to be driving by.
“I was looking out my window and I noticed the fire, and it was pretty hot, intense,” said Bridgeport resident Mike Lopez. “Then this morning, my son wanted to come and look at it, and it looks like an ice castle.”
One firefighter suffered a back injury, but no one else was hurt.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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